Speed of Light rocks. It's a 12 mile MTB race that has grown from three dudes riding bikes together on Thursdays to over 100 riders. The ride typically draws 40 riders a week and includes a full season WorldTour points series, three Grand Tours, and themed nights as well. Everyone is welcome, and you'll see some of the fastest riders in the state on the line next to new riders. Everyone has fun, everyone gets better, and everyone enjoys the company.

The ride leaves Einstein Cycles at 6.30pm for a 10 minute, neutral ride to the start. You may also meet at the Bunker Hill Parking Lot at 6.45.

The Route

The 2015 SOL course is 12 miles long and is the same as past editions of the ride, except for the use of Madeleine's Trail in 2015. See the course page for a  Strava/GPX file of the route.

The Rules

Results will be kept using  the official Strava segment of the 2015 course. If your time doesn't show up, or you do not use Strava, you must submit your time before 10am on Friday morning. No times submitted after will be added. 

Riders must have a bicycle in good working order and a helmet. This ride is not supported, although there are a number of great people willing to lend a hand.

The course is not really marked. Just follow the people ahead of you, or recruit someone to ride it with you beforehand. That is always really, really fun. 

Winners of SOL stages, Grand Tours, WorldTours and World Championships don't get a single thing for their efforts. If you do it fo' loot, you a prostitute. 

People with mechanicals trying to finish a Grand Tour will be given a time one second slower than the slowest rider of that particular ride, unless their time is faster. 

Just be cool out there, okay?